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 Judy's Novelty Wool

Details about the business.

Judith Gunn, Owner

Judith, also known as Judy has long been involved in the wool industry.

Over 20 years ago we bought our home in Centerville, Utah.  With it is almost 2 acres of pasture.  My husband said, “We need something out back to keep the grass down”.  He then suggested “bummers”.  Being a “beach bunny” from Southern CA, I had no idea what a bummer was.  My first thought was a beach bum.  Blaine then explained they were bottle fed lambs.  Of course I thought that was a great idea.  The lambs would be smaller than I and as Blaine was still teaching in Van Nuys, CA. the lambs would be a great distraction for me after work.  So, 3 bummers later, I’m bottle feeding before work, during lunch, after work, and before bed.  I fell in love with these Suffolk girls.

That first fall Blaine said to my horror, “Which one are we going to slaughter?”  There was no way I would allow my girls to be slaughtered.  A neighbor came to the rescue and traded a wether for one of my girls.

The following spring they were sheared.  Blaine was going to throw the wool away.  I said, “No, I think I’m supposed to learn what to do with the wool”.  By chance there was a hand spinning class being taught at a local high school in the evenings.  I was hooked. 

Blaine died in 1994.  He had left me with a future in sheep, the love of spinning, and eventually teaching spinning.

 By time I retired I had a small business going with selling fleeces/ dyed roving, teaching beginning spinning basics, 4H, attending fiber events as a student, then being a vendor at several fiber events each year.

The Sheep

I have developed a love for cross breeds.  My base breed is Rambouillet.  I have had Columbia, Jacob, Cotswold, Targhee, Karakul, Suffolk, Corriedale, Navajo Churro, a pigmy goat, and Merino.  Currently I have a small family of 14 breeding sheep.  I sell all the lambs, except when I know I will have to replace an old ewe.  If she has a good ewe lamb I will keep that lamb.  There are about 7 neighborhood children that work for me.  When lambing season begins, which for us is in January, these kids get to name the lambs.

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